Agency of Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - Ecoregions

Agency of Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - Ecoregions /ASDE/ is a non-profit organization. ASDE works in partnership with the state administration, municipalities and civil organizations in implementing the priorities of the Agenda /AGENDA/ 21 of the UN Strategy for Sustainable Development of the European Union of long-term national and public interests of the Bulgarian nation and support the successful integration of Bulgaria into the European Union.

Main Objectives

  • Development and implementation of Unified national spatial data base and integrated management of territory, population and resources, as a base for the sustainable development and the strategic forecasting.
  • Implementation of best practices for the development of the civil society, including the support and participation in development and realization of municipal and regional policy of sustainable development (Local Agenda) in Sofia and other cities.
  • To undertake the implementation of the Local Model for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration-Ecozone "Sofia-East", its enlargement for the city of Sofia as well as the accompanying pilot projects in the frame of the 6-th and 7-th frame programs of the EU.
  • Support and participation in the formation and development of the Euro-integration process on local level and international cooperation in building the information society through research "&" development initiatives.
  • Establishment of a Regional Information Centre, promoting a GIS based managing practice for the so called "Ecozone" model in Sofia, the region and other cities.
  • Transfer and dissemination of knowledge and know-how for environmentally friendly and energy efficient innovative technologies.
  • Elaboration and development of investment and monitoring mechanisms in support of the sustainable management and EU integration process.

Managing Committee

  • Assen Dyulgerov - President
  • Kristian Milenov - Executive Director
  • Emil Kalo
  • Ivan Philipov
  • Petko Petkov



9, Kokiche str.
Sofia, 1164, Bulgaria
Tel +359 2 470 9075
Tel +359 2 470 9672
Fax +359 2 470 9075
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April 2016

ASDE (in cooperation with partner organizations), offer the following services of the public administration and Bulgarian municipalities, based on the experience and operational capacity under EU and national R&D programs and projects: Comparison of digital maps – cadastral maps and repossession maps (maps of restored property - MRP) accuracy with respect to certain aspects of the thematic and graphical information.

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March 2016

On behalf of the cohesive team of ASDE, we wish to all friends and colleagues good health and happiness!
As European descendants (do not forget that initially the name Europe is used only for the Balkans) and taking into account the Dutch Semester, we have decided to...

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August 2015

On the 6th of August, in Bucharest(Romania) took place the FINAL CONFERENCE of the flagship project SPATIAL - „COMMON STRATEGY FOR SUSTAINABLE TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CROSS-BORDER AREA ROMANIA-BULGARIA“, under the Romania- Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The aim of the conference was to present the final results of the project and to put on discussion the “NEXT STEPS“ of SPATIAL.
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May 2015

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Dept. of Information Technologies and Communications, Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics, organizes the International Conference on Natural Disasters and Emergency Management (ICNDEM 2015), which will take place on November 04 th to 06th 2015 at UNWE, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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The University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Dept. of Information Technologies and Communications, Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics, organizes the Fifth International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technology and Statistics in Economy and Education (ICAICTSEE 2015), which will take place on November 13 th to 14th 2015 at UNWE, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Access to the developed information system "SmartCover" - Architecture
We provide access to the developed information system "SmartCover" - which provides services, based on spatial data within Web-GIS environment. SmartCover is unique for Bulgaria and EU...
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October 2014

Newsletter of UrbanAPI’s from 04/2014 is now available
The document provides latest news from the UrbanAPI – FP7 project and other related information.
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January 2014

ASDE has been awarded by DG JRC with Greeting letter and Plaque
Since ASDE was awarded with a prize for „Best poster“ on the 19-th annual MARS UNIT conference organized by the Joint Research Center of the EC and NMA held in city of Vilnius, Lithuania, the DG JRC-IES provided ASDE with a Greeting letter and Plaque.
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