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Agency of Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - Ecoregions /ASDE/ is a non-profit organization. ASDE works in partnership with the state administration, municipalities and civil organizations in implementing the priorities of the Agenda /AGENDA/ 21 of the UN Strategy for Sustainable Development of the European Union of long-term national and public interests of the Bulgarian nation and support the successful integration of Bulgaria into the European Union.

ASDE-ECOREGIONS is one of the first R&D organizations in the European Union to apply the UN-FAO methodology - Land Cover Classification System 2 - for more than 10 years in the processing of satellite and aero-sensors Land cover/land use data and the worldwide standard ISO 19144-2 - Geographic Information Classification systems - Part 2: Land Cover Meta Language (LCML).

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Main Objectives

  • Development and implementation of Unified national spatial data base and integrated management of territory, population and resources, as a base for the sustainable development and the strategic forecasting.
  • Implementation of best practices for the development of the civil society, including the support and participation in development and realization of municipal and regional policy of sustainable development (Local Agenda) in Sofia and other cities.
  • To undertake the implementation of the Local Model for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration-Ecozone "Sofia-East", its enlargement for the city of Sofia as well as the accompanying pilot projects in the frame of the 6-th and 7-th frame programs of the EU.
  • Support and participation in the formation and development of the Euro-integration process on local level and international cooperation in building the information society through research "&" development initiatives.
  • Establishment of a Regional Information Centre, promoting a GIS based managing practice for the so called "Ecozone" model in Sofia, the region and other cities.
  • Transfer and dissemination of knowledge and know-how for environmentally friendly and energy efficient innovative technologies.
  • Elaboration and development of investment and monitoring mechanisms in support of the sustainable management and EU integration process.

Managing Committee

  • Assen Dyulgerov - President
  • Kristian Milenov - Executive Director
  • Emil Kalo

General Data Protection

Mandatory information on the protection of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be found HERE


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Sofia, 1164, Bulgaria
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June 2021

SOFRISK-2021 project launched on the basis of a signed contract between AURE - Ecoregions and the European Space Agency (ESA)
ASDE - Ecoregions has signed a contract № 4000134978/21 / NL / CBi with the European Space Agency (ESA). At the end of June 2021, ASDE started the implementation of a project „COPERNICUS Program Satellite information and services-Priority ...

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March 2021

Anniversary of the heroic sacrifice of the Bulgarian pilot Dimitar Spisarevski
Recently, the anniversary of the heroic self-sacrifice of the Bulgarian pilot Dimitar Spisarevski (Spaitch) was honored again. As well known, “in the autumn of 1943, the enemy bombing of Sofia began, while Spisarevski forcedly stayed on the ground. He visited ...

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January 2021

Consortium involving ASDE-ECOREGIONS won a project under the European program - Horizon 2020
ASDE-ECOREGIONS in collaboration with Municipality of Sofia, represented by the Directorate “Emergency Assistance and Prevention” (DEAP) will participate in project Harmony Call: H2020-LC-CLA-2018-2019-2020, part of program Horizon 2020...

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May 2019

In the frame of the ESA Living Planet Symposium, Milan, Italy, 13-17.05.2019, ASDE-ECOREGIONS was approved and invited to present a poster on the theme - Challenges in Strengthening Earth Observations Local/National Operational Capacity, Coordinated By Regional Trans-national/Trans-border Networks to Deliver on International Risk Reduction Efforts.

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March 2018

ASDE / RESAC Participation at DARWIN Project Workshop in Linköping, Sweden
A representative of ASDE / RESAC participated in the third workshop (6-8 March 2018) of the DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP).

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December 2017

Regional networks for Integrated Risk & Territory Management
Earth Observation Operational Capacity, Support to DRR & DRM and Regular Monitoring of Changes, ASDE-Ecoregions in collaboration with partners under the Bulgarian Information Office in Earth Observation - BIOG / COPERNICUS.

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